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Ps3 Accessories- Revamp Your Console!

For gamers, the PS3 is like the Holy Grail of gaming. The 7th generation gaming console from Sony features a stunning array of looks and a stylish design, and power that is unmatched by any other. One of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, the PS3 has sold millions of units since it was released in 2006. A lot of people look for accessories with which they can make their gaming experience even better, and a lot of third party companies have released PS3 accessories that are compatible with this beast of a device. Here are some of the best PS3 accessories that you can use in order to enhance your gaming experience:

  1. The PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset

    Designed by Sony itself, the PS3 wireless stereo headset is a powerful 7.1 channel surround sound emitting headphone that is designed for use with the PS3. It connects to the console via Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to get clear sound of your games on the internet. The PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset is the perfect gaming peripheral to use along with your PS3 if you are an avid gamer. It allows you to get crystal clear sound, letting you talk to team mates and fellow players easily through the built in mic. The PS3 wireless stereo headset removes all of the hassles that you might have with other gaming peripherals, as there are no wires or delays in sound at all.

  2. Playstation3 Wireless Keyboard

    Designed for all purpose usage, the PS3 Wireless Keyboard allows you to type and chat with people through your PS3. Typing a message from your PS3 could not have been easier now thanks to the wireless keyboard, which automatically connects to your PlayStation and syncs. After connected, you can easily use it to scroll or type messages from your keyboard only. The PlayStation 3 wireless keyboard is designed with sleek looks and a black design, one that matches the outlook of the PS3 console as well. This wireless keyboard can be charged by connecting it to the USB port in your PS3, just like your controller. It is designed in accordance with health and safety laws to ensure your fingers do not get worked up from excessive usage either.

  3. Sony Blu Ray Media Control Remote

    Control all the media that streams on your PS3 with the help of the Media Control Remote. With the help of this accessory, you can easily control all of the videos and music that plays on your PS3 by just pressing a few buttons. The Sony Blu ray Media Control Remote can also be used for streaming pictures and other options on your PS3 effortlessly. This Media Control Remote operates through a couple of batteries in the back, and is the perfect device for you to have if you treat your PS3 as more of a media entertainment device than a gaming console. It can be purchased easily from the Official Sony Store, or several other markets also house this item.

These are some of the most common PS3 accessories that you can use with your gaming console. These are bound to make your gaming experience much better than ever before!

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