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Tips For Selecting Christmas Stocking Pattern

Every one of us decorates the house very elegantly at the time of Christmas and no decoration is complete without stockings. Most of them love to make Christmas stockings on their own at home. Though a very simple task many of them get confused while selecting the Christmas stocking pattern i.e. whether to choose the quilted pattern, crocheted pattern, embroidery pattern etc. Here are few tips to ease your selection process.

  1. Choose the material to be used: Christmas stockings can be made with any material. But, select a material that is comfortable to work with depending on your level of expertise. Most of them prefer to use felt as it not slippery and easy to handle. So, select a pattern that goes best with the material you choose to work with.
  2. Cost: The material and the size of the stocking you prefer to make decide the overall cost of the stocking. If you are on a tight budget then do not go for very expensive material and large sizes. Go for simple material and improve the look of your stocking by attaching simple decorative pieces. Sometimes, the cost increases depending on the pattern you choose. Hence, choose a pattern that best fits your budget.
  3. Choose a pattern that has clear explanation: If you select a very new pattern and if there are no pictures showing the making of the pattern then it would be very difficult to complete your stockings project. If you have the templates then you can very easy cut the material and complete the task accurately. Even if you are an experienced personnel make sure to have templates to the ease the task.
  4. Choose a pattern that is easy to cut and sew: Never select a pattern that demands you to make sharp cuttings. If you are not an expert then you will definitely screw up by choosing a very complicated pattern. After selecting the desired pattern and cutting it, join the pieces carefully to get the desired stocking pattern. However, be careful to sew only the matching edges. To prevent rework attach the pieces with pins and sew it only if everything looks perfect. The simpler the pattern you choose simpler would be cutting and sewing. If you do not have a sewing machine then you choose a pattern that is easy for hand sewing.
  5. Decoration: If you are on a tight budget or do not have much time, then select a pattern that looks elegant without any additional decoration. There are many elegant Christmas stocking patterns that look perfect even without any decoration.
  6. Stuffing to be used: If you have already selected the stuffing to be used in the stocking then make sure to select a pattern that best fits the stuffing. Else, select a pattern of your liking and later purchase the stuffing that suits the stocking.

If you are not sure of which pattern to select, search over the internet. You can find multiple stocking projects that give information about the mentioned factors such as the extent of decoration required, ease of sewing etc. Lastly, select a project that best fits your needs.

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