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How to Access Geo-Restricted Content through Proxies

An increasingly popular use of proxies is to access content on popular sites like YouTube, Hulu, BBC’s iPlayer, Pandora, and others, which are often restricted by geographical region.  Proxies prove useful for travel, research, and many other types of online activity.

There are numerous ways to access proxies in the United States, but one of the fastest, most secure, and anonymous services is Proxy Solutions, which offers award-winning security, global IP span, highly anonymous proxies, and a free zero-risk three-day trial. Once you have obtained your proxy details (IP address, username, password, and port number), configuring your browser or networked application is a quick and easy.

How to Use Proxies in Firefox, Chrome, Safari Mac, Internet Explorer and Opera

We suggest visiting the Proxy Solutions guide section to configure your browser to use premium proxy services.

To ensure that the instructions above work correctly and that you receive the most secure and anonymous access from your proxy server, always be sure that your browser is up to date. You can check on your browser at the guide section on the proxy website.
Premium Proxy Servers Compared to Free Proxy List

While there are ways to find long lists of free proxy servers that are available, they often come with several drawbacks.
  1. Free proxies are often unreliable due to high traffic demands. This creates a bandwidth bottleneck and presents the user with slow speeds. However, companies offering paid proxy services rely on you as a customer, and will therefore provide you with high speeds and plenty of bandwidth.
  2. In order for the free proxy owner to keep the server running, they often serve a large amount of ads. This makes the experience much more inconvenient and dependent on unnecessary click-throughs to provide the free proxy service with more revenue. Paid proxy services eliminate these irrelevant middle steps.
  3. Free proxy creators may be disreputable as criminals may be looking for your private financial information. Never transmit your credit card information using a free proxy for which you have no contact information. Many paid proxy services have their contact information clearly listed and Terms of Service clearly defined on their website.
  4. If you want an IP address for a specific country and are using a free proxy, you will undoubtedly have to wade through hundreds and hundreds of options, many of which are (as mentioned above) slow and unreliable. Free proxies are generally created randomly in regards to country of origin. In contrast, paid proxy servers will offer a wide variety of proxies for various countries.
Out of our trials, we have enjoyed the premium proxy services from Proxy Solutions which has even won awards.  They are fast, offer unlimited proxy traffic and we found the servers to be reliable and have experienced no downtime.  They also offer a three-day free proxy trial to ensure the customer is satisfied before making any purchase. We highly recommend their proxy services.

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