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1. Submitting your articles to us does not mean you will be given any sort of compensation, financial or otherwise. You will not be paid by us or any of our users for free use of your article.

2. Affiliate links Are Not Permitted! - Any articles that you submit to us may not contain affiliate links. If your article does mention other products or websites they must contain a direct link only to that website or product.

3.a. In submitting your article(s), you acknowledge that others may reuse your article(s) on a different website or in a different publication.

3.b. If you reuse material from us, you must retain all of the information from the original article including the author box and any active links included in the article and the author box.

3.c. Authors may choose to exclude themselves from 3.a. and 3.b. above by making their copyright and reuse policy clear in the author box for each article.

4. Any articles that you submit must be 100% your own work. You can not submit articles written by authors other than yourself unless you have explicit permission from them or you have established a copyright assignment agreement.

5. Submission of an article does not guarantee that it will be included in our directory. We reserve the right to reject any content for any reason.

6. Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will probably be deleted.

7. Articles In Education and English Only.

8. Articles submitted to us must contain content related to cateory and must be 800 words or more. Often, articles are declined based on the title and word count right away.

9. Authors who submit content that is not related to K-12 education will most likely be banned.

10. The category selected for the article may be changed if a more suitable category exists.

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