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The content on this website is normally in copyright, for the most part, by authors who have no affiliation with this website and they have submitted. Authors have to display their written work on this website without any affiliation. The articles that appear here do not necessarily reflect our website owner views or opinions, but we feel they will help our viewers understand more about the education of that subject.  Not evey article is perfect and NO ONE knows everything.

Although the articles on this website are screened, you may be offended by information contained within these articles for reasons not known nor predicted by the website owner. Please don't complain to to us except for the following reasons:

1. An article is copyrighted or has been used before.
2. The article is known to have been written by someone under the age of 18.
3. Article author would like for their article to be removed.

Any offending article will be removed as soon as possible after notification.

We do not allow any illegal or bad taste articles, so please let us know right away.

Authors who chose to ignore any of the Terms of Service, Submission Guidelines, or who fail to recognize word count of 800 words, category list and use affilate links will be banned.

Please note:  Articles that contain links outside of articlesineducation - links will be removed by us and then added to our website.  If you do not agree with us removing the links, then do not submit your article.

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